We all have normal ups and downs, but sometimes we get stuck in a bad spot. My Checkup gives you a way out before you get too stuck.

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My Checkup is about finding things you Do or Think or Feel that keep us on the right track.

Checkup allows you to see how you are doing and track progress.

Resilient Studio

My Checkup is a product made by Resilient Studio. The goal of Resilient Studio is to create helpful tools to improve wellness and to help overcome the many challenges in life.

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The Team

Aaron Rothstein

  • Aaron is a rural generalist physician working in Northern Ontario, primarily in Sioux Lookout. He has trained at McGill (Biochemistry), Western (MD), and Northern Ontario School of Medicine (Family Medicine)
  • Aaron is an Assistant Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. He hosts a medical podcast: Generalist Medicine (GeM)
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Amar Singh

  • Amar studied Finance and History at McGill University, and has learned Design and Development over the past five years.
  • Amar is an independent Designer. He was most recently Director of Design at Tradesy, and a Design Manager and Product Manager at American Express in New York City.
  • Amar can be found at ummerr.com
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